Equity for Children, América Latina

Regional initiative dedicated to improving academic and public understanding about the processes of political and economic change currently underway in Latin America. CODENI is recognized in their section of “Buenas Prácticas.”


2010 Photo Philanthropy Award to Fulbright Scholar Josh Meltzer (2008-2009) for photos with AHALA




CODENI in Guadalajara, Mexico

Written by Danielle Strickland

Contact Magazine, Vol. 42, Issue 6, Dic 2008 / Ene 2009.


Red flag of urban poverty and the working children of Guadalajara

Report on CODENI by Laurie Schaffner and Danielle Strickland (2008)


Hope for the Children: A statistical study of the plight of migrant workers, street laborers and their families in Guadalajara

Report on CODENI by Maggie Morgan (2008)


Article in Kenyon College Alumni Bulletin

Written by Pete Dybdahl

Vol. 30, No. 3 Winter 2008



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