CODENI recognizes the need for street children to take a break from their responsibilities and have an outlet to release energy and socialize with their peers.   The recreation program provides them with a time and place to enjoy being kids.  Staff members organize games, group activities, and free time in a safe and fun environment. In addition to the regularly scheduled activities, CODENI has two soccer teams that practice once a week and participate in league games with other youth agencies. For those students in good standing, CODENI offers bimonthly field trips.  Recent outings include roller skating, hiking, a day in the park, the fair, the movies, the zoo, and the waterpark.



CODENI’s team of educators reaches out to children working in the streets of Guadalajara, Mexico and seeks to establish relationships with them and their families.  Educators visit impoverished neighborhoods on a weekly basis in order to invite children to join the program and to follow up with needy families who have expressed an interest in CODENI’s services.  Establishing trusting relationships with these families allows us to evaluate and diagnose the realities that they face and to better determine the services they need.  This initial work is carried out through relationship building, counseling, home visits, referrals, and follow ups.

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