In 2008 CODENI teamed up with Listen to My Pictures ™ (LTMP) to offer photography classes to 13 teens in the program. Aside from teaching the art of photography, the project enables participants to tell their stories and express themselves through their photos. All week students take pictures with digital cameras donated by LTMP, which they review as a class each Saturday morning. Every semester 10 to 15 new students from CODENI participate in the workshop run by professional photographer volunteers. Twice a year CODENI organizes public expositions of their work in a local museum. Check out the results on the Listen to My Pictures links on this page.



Thanks to several Rotary Clubs and the District of southwest Virginia, CODENI is now able to offer computer classes to beneficiaries. Classes are offered to different groups of kids, teens and parents on a daily basis, teaching Microsoft Office, e-mail and Internet research. Computer skills will bring many new employment and educational opportunities for CODENI participants. The new lab has open hours and quickly fills up by kids anxious to practice these newly learned skills and explore cyberspace.

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